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Created by Professional Office
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About Sanctions Search was set up in response to the fact that all firms undertaking any sort of financial transaction, or providing advice on any financial transaction, need to ensure that their client is not on the Financial Sanctions list.

Whilst the list is freely available to all who need to see it, realised that firms would still find it extremely difficult to demonstrate to their regulator, or indeed the HM Treasury, that checks had taken place to ensure that their clients were not on the list.

As such, is all about evidence. Through the site we aim to provide you with a robust audit trail to allow you to ‘evidence’ and ‘demonstrate’ that you initially checked that clients were not on the Financial Sanctions List and that you regularly screen your client bank against future lists.

Based on the Wirral, was created by Professional Office Ltd. a company which has traded since 2006 as a Partnership and was subsequently incorporated in August 2008.

Its two directors are Joanne Nock ACCA and Chris Clare, both highly experienced in the fields of financial services and accountancy. Professional Office is a company which specialises in delivering office solutions from software and web development right through to virtual secretaries, call routing, accountancy and book-keeping.

Having worked with many companies over the last few years, Professional Office Ltd. always aims to develop systems that make the process of doing business easy, affordable and seamless. From the development of lead generation and lead management right through to prompt invoicing and data management systems, Professional Office has already made its mark in the field of bespoke software development and has packages currently deployed in many companies under licence agreements.

Back in 2009, initial funding for was provided entirely by the Directors and as a result, after just two years of trading, Professional Office Ltd. was fortunate to have a positive balance sheet, with no debts or liabilities whatsoever. The (now re-paid) up front funding allowed much time, resource and expertise to be spent on researching and developing the proposition to the point where our belief is that it not only matches but betters anything else currently available. The company’s agility will also, we believe, allow further ongoing developments that may be required in future, thus we can ensure that it remains cutting edge and ahead of its competitors without negatively impacting the company’s bottom line. Professional Office has a development team lead by one lead programmer with two supporting programmers as well as a full time designer. The programming team is qualified in PHP, Perl, MySQL, ASP.NET, C#, SQL Server, HTML, XHTML,CSS, JavaScript and much more. 

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