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Created by Professional Office
Telephone: 0333 301 0703

About CompanyLookup

CompanyLookup is a tool created by Professional Office Ltd to enhance the product and aid users in retrieving vital information.

To use CompanyLookup all you need is a Ltd (limited), PLC (Public Limited Company), or LLP (Limited Liability Partnership) company name and the system will do the rest.

This tool allows firms who are screening companies against the sanctions list to seamlessly obtain director and shareholder information within the same search, making obtaining and screening this necessary additional information extremely easy.

Not only does it obtain this necessary information and make the process of screening companies simple, but the system also has a unique way of tying all this data together so all the relevant links between companies, directors and shareholders are maintained to aid in the firms due diligent approach to the “know your customer” rules.

Getting this information has always been difficult for firms. You either have to pay Companies House for a director and shareholder report which can cost £1.00, or contact the client and ask for the additional information. Both routes can have a material cost along with an obvious cost in time. CompanyLookup does all this for a one off charge of 25p per company and is fully intergrated within a normal company sanctions check.

To start using CompanyLookup please contact us on 0843 713 0 777, we will provide you with a quick demonstration and enable the facility on your account.

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