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About DBS screening

The Disclosure and Barring service (DBS) is a service designed to make better decisions on who you deal with, be that in recruitment or otherwise.

DBS checks ensure that information disclosed to you by an individual is correct and accurate and reflects the individual before you.

Previously known as CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) check, a DBS check gives you a "clear" or "not clear" response as to whether an individual has a relevant criminal record.

There are three levels of check

  1. Basic
  2. Standard
  3. Enhanced

The information available for these three checks is as follows:

  • Basic - unspent convictions or conditional cautions.
  • Standard - spent and unspent convictions, reprimands, cautions, and warnings.
  • Enhanced - same information as a standard check, plus any relevant information held by the applicant’s local police force.

Our system, at this point in time, will only permit users to carry out Basic and Standard.

It is important to note that whilst a basic can be carried out on anyone, subject to “Informed Consent”, Standard and Enhanced DBS checks can only be carried out for eligible roles, some examples of which are as follows:

  • Healthcare
  • Working with children (under 18) or working in a school
  • Working with elderly, ill or disabled/ vulnerable adults
  • Some roles in financial services and the legal profession
  • Working in the courts, prisons or probationary service

There may be other roles that will fit the criteria, for more information and support please contact us.

Finally, due to the sensitive nature of this type of check it is mandatory that all parties are permitted to carry out these checks. Professional Office will take all the necessary to ensure eligibility.

Furthermore, the requestor of such a check, is responsible for seeing the original identity and proof of address documents along with the individual themselves to further ensure that any access to this data is suitably authorised.

If you have any questions about the information on this page or need any further guidance on DBS screening please contact us on 0151 633 2871.

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